Types Of Soccer Shoes You Must Know

Soccer is one of the most popular sports out there that is played while wearing soccer shoes or soccer cleats. Soccer shoes are manufactured to provide foot support, grip, and water resistance so that players can play to their full caliber. Soccer shoes also allow players to make swift movements and kick the ball properly. Apart from gender, soccer cleats can be classified on the basis of the playing surface. Below are some of the most common types of soccer shoes you'll find.

Soft ground soccer shoes

Such soccer shoes are the best choice when you're playing on soft grass, wet, or muddy fields. Studs are also present at the bottom with a combination of four at the front and two at the back. You'll be able to dig these studs into the ground so that you can run faster. Soft ground soccer shoes are not meant to be used on the hard ground and are not that great at providing cushioning to your feet.

Firm-ground soccer shoes

Included in the soccer uniform, firm ground soccer shoes are just like your basic soccer shoes. The sole of this type of shoe is made of plastic, rubber, or some other form of durable material so that the player can get better traction while playing the game. These pieces known as studs or cleats can also be found on the outside of the sole and some even extend into the sole itself to give you a better feel for ball control which is important in an intense soccer match of any kind.

Turf shoes

Soccer turf shoes are used to play on artificial turf surfaces. Depending upon the length of the artificial grass, turf shoes can be used to play soccer. Turf is a surface that looks like a carpet but has no thickness to it. You'll find studs at the bottom on this type but are shorter than other types of cleats.  

Indoor shoes

Indoor soccer is also called futsal and is played on gymnasium floors rather than on grass. Indoor soccer shoes are just like your sneakers, they don't have studs at the bottom, and have their soles made of rubber. You can even wear them after the game as just normal shoes but you have to be careful as these shoes are not that durable as other types.

Soccer shoes are very important as they not only provide the perfect grip to the players while running but also help them to carry and kick the ball properly. You must buy the soccer cleats or shoes from a reliable supplier that only provides branded and good quality items. One such seller is "Soccer Corner" which provides all types of soccer equipment and accessories at reasonable prices. Their online store has good-quality soccer cleats, turf shoes, USA Soccer Jersey, shin guards, goalkeeper gloves, soccer balls, and a lot more. They have been active in the business for the past three decades and understand what a customer expects from them. Have a look at their products by visiting https://soccercorner.com/.  

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